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A Quick Meal After Work

Let’s start at the beginning, as that is usually the best place to start. What did I have to work with? The first thing I found in the fridge was noodles. As I have said before, I f***ing love noodles. Continue reading

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You Are What You Eat

You are what you eat. I think at this point in life we all know what this really means. If you eat a carrot, you are obviously not a carrot. But, if you eat garbage like fast food, chips, and candy constantly you are likely to feel like shit. If you eat healthful food prepared in a healthy way, you are likely to feel healthy. It’s not rocket science. So, in a world of fifty hour work weeks, soccer matches, band practice, and whatever else, how can you eat healthy? Cooking good food takes time which is something that most people are in short supply of. Let me share a professional secret with you that will make eating healthy at home easier and less time consuming. Continue reading

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