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The Best Split Pea Soup

Have you ever been confused, angered, excited, surprised, and elated at a dish all at the same time? I have. I remember very clearly as that initial spoon not-so-full passed my lips and hit my tongue. All my preconceived notions were gone in an instant. This green slop was not prison food. I was not being punished for doing poor work. I was being thanked. Continue reading

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I love fall

There is something in the air. You can smell it, feel it, and if you look closely enough you can see it. The days are getting shorter as darkness creeps ever quicker into the once blue sky. Fall is on it’s way. Continue reading

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A Quick Meal After Work

Let’s start at the beginning, as that is usually the best place to start. What did I have to work with? The first thing I found in the fridge was noodles. As I have said before, I f***ing love noodles. Continue reading

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Top 10 Things I Love To Cook on My Days Off

The thing about being a Chef or a cook is that you rarely get to cook what you want. Sure you may come up with the menu and the recipes, and you may love them, but cooking the same things everyday can get pretty boring no matter what you are cooking. That’s why on my days off I cook what I want and what I like. Maybe you have a family, maybe a picky partener, and maybe this prevents you from cooking what you want. I think that at least once a week you should cook for yourself. Cook what you like and you never know, the people you are cooking for might end up liking what you like and then you get to cook what you want all the time. The only question I have is, what do you like to cook on your days off? Continue reading

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Top 5 Ways To Change Your Burger Game Forever

Our nation’s birthday is upon us. What better way to celebrate then with some burgers? Seeing as it is a special occasion and all why not try something different? Below I list a few things you can do to that will change your burger game forever. Continue reading

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10 Secrets Why Restaurant Food Tastes Better Than Yours

Restaurant food tastes better than yours. It is richer, more balanced, and more flavorful. There are many reasons for this. Below I list ten of them. Most of these you can use at home to improve your own cooking. Some … Continue reading

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Top 10 Ways To Up Your BBQ Game

Barbecue season is once again upon us. Millions of people across North America will be grilling hotdogs, burgers, steaks, and shish kabobs while sipping cold beer, sangria, and lemonade under the warm summer sun. Yes, this sounds amazing. It sounds like a good time right? How could it possibly be any better? Let me tell you. Here is my list of the… Continue reading

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10 Simple Steps To Save You Money In The Kitchen

Food prices are at an all time high and I bet you tossed food away last week. I can show you how to minimize loss in the kitchen which will directly save you money. Continue reading

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