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Let’s Talk About Pizza Baby

I don’t know about you, but I f***ing love pizza. Okay, I can make an educated guess and say that you also love pizza. I mean, who doesn’t? In my opinion pizza is the perfect food. I believe this for a number of reasons including but not limited to the fact that the base of any pizza is an edible plate. As someone who only recently fell to the trappings of time and was spit out the wrong side of their twenties, I can tell you, having food that has a built in plate is a bonus. There are of course other things that make pizza perfect which we are about to get into. Well, let’s do it. Continue reading

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Being A Professional Cook

Imagine you are locked in a small, hot (40°c/104°f), noisy room with five other people. One of them is a drug addict, one is an alcoholic, one is a criminal, and one is a movie nerd. Each of you is given ten separate sets of tasks. Some of your tasks may be completely yours, but for some of them you may need components from one or more of the other people. Over the next ten hours the five of you will be given no food, and you will not be allowed to sit down… Continue reading

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Rainy Day Soup

The point of this post was not to show you how to make this soup. It was to show you how to make soup in general. In cooking there are a lot of things that you can just wing and soup is definitely one of those. Cooking soup is a chance to experiment and try new things, you just need to know the basics. That is what I hope this post taught you. Not how to make this soup, just how to make soup in general. As a note I will say that I have never made this soup before, there is no recipe, and it was delicious. That is the point. Play, experiment, and taste. Continue reading

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Top 10 Things I Love To Cook on My Days Off

The thing about being a Chef or a cook is that you rarely get to cook what you want. Sure you may come up with the menu and the recipes, and you may love them, but cooking the same things everyday can get pretty boring no matter what you are cooking. That’s why on my days off I cook what I want and what I like. Maybe you have a family, maybe a picky partener, and maybe this prevents you from cooking what you want. I think that at least once a week you should cook for yourself. Cook what you like and you never know, the people you are cooking for might end up liking what you like and then you get to cook what you want all the time. The only question I have is, what do you like to cook on your days off? Continue reading

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Top 10 Food Questions From The Internet

I have spent the last week searching the internet for the most asked questions about food and cooking. The list below is what I found to be the top ten most asked out of all of those questions. I hope that the below information is useful to you and if you have a question about food or cooking feel free to leave it in the comments section below and I will do my best to answer it. So here are my answers to the… Continue reading

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10 Secrets Why Restaurant Food Tastes Better Than Yours

Restaurant food tastes better than yours. It is richer, more balanced, and more flavorful. There are many reasons for this. Below I list ten of them. Most of these you can use at home to improve your own cooking. Some … Continue reading

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10 pantry staples you should always have on hand

4. Citrus/Acid. Acids such as vinegars, or citrus juice can act as flavor enhancers. If used in the right amount acids will make the flavors of a dish pop without tasting like the acidic ingredients you added. Add a few drops of lemon juice or vinegar to almost any now-acidic dish and taste the difference. Continue reading

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10 Simple Steps To Save You Money In The Kitchen

Food prices are at an all time high and I bet you tossed food away last week. I can show you how to minimize loss in the kitchen which will directly save you money. Continue reading

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